The Predictability of Mankind

The world is ruled by change. It is governed by the unrullinesss of nature and its whims.

I heard a lecture once by a mathematician who explained that there is a pattern in nature, a sort of predictability to all that happens, but us humans have simply not found it yet. Several men have formed theories and formed equations which are mostly true, or sometimes, which they believe could  lead to that most elusive pattern of nature.

Science is looking for the pattern of nature. Ultimately, that could be the answer for everyhthing. Or maybe not?

I’m an Israeli. My father works in the IDF, and after I finish this last year of high school and do a Service Year (I will explain more on that in a different post), I will be enlisting to the IDF as well, because it is mandatory, I am mandated to do two years of military service by law. What does that have to do with nature’s predictability you ask? It’s quite simple really. We are humans. It is in our nature to ask, inquire, try to analyze and understand the world around us. But while we try to figure out the predictability and course of nature we forget our own, we forget the predictability of mankind.

Some belive man is bad in its nature, others believe it is good and learns to be bad. Personally I’d like to believe humans are good in their nature. If things are trully so, why do we have evil in the world? Why are there criminals and wars? Why do we fight? If we are trully good in our nature, we have to learn all this evil somewhere. Where does it come from?

I am usually an optimist, but this is one thing I cannot be optimistic about. We the humans of this world are the evil of it. We bring wars, pain, hate, crime, genocide- all those things are things only mankind does, it is not something we see in nature. Humans have been on the face of the Earth for mere seconds when compared to the timline of the universe. In that mere second we have caused more damage to ourselves as a species and our home planet than has ever been caused by any species.

The consept that the human race’s advance is due to our superiority over other species may be  true, but there is more than one side to it. Yes, we are brilliant and developed, we can build and do things no other species has ever done before, bad or good. We create medicine and weapons, we have democracy and human rights, but we have just as many violations of them. We are kind and caring towards one another, but we also have wars. Humans now have more technological ability than ever before to bring more babies to the world and reproduce, but there is also genocide. In my small country, since the first struggles to build it, 23,320 men, women and children have died in wars and terrorist attacks. We honor and remember them today, in the Memmorial Day of Israel’s Fallen.

I read out the names of the fallen from my village and the fallen relatives of people who live in my village and I found myself relieved. It sounds preposturous, but I felt relief to have to read so few names. I was even more relieved that no new names had been added to the list since last year, not from my village. It almost felt like a miracle, considering how many of our young men and women are in the military and are the tip of the spear. In this past summer during Protective Edge we lost 64 soldiers. It may seem like a small number, but in a country as small as this, where everyone knows everyone, 64 is too much. One loss is far too much, any more than that is… even more painfully tragic.

Humans are predictable. We are stubborn. We are violent. We are cruel. We fight in wars that could have been avoided and cause loss of life that leaves us forever scarred. The human predictability is one we can understand, and we can see every day.

Nature’s pattern will remain a mystery to us as long as we remain in our own destructive pattern. We cannot crack a code that we have no understanding of. Nature is self-efficient; everything is seamed together into a marvelous fabric, ecosystems balanced by each other and by natural catastrophies, animals, plants, micro-organizms all co-exist in harmony. A species as self destructive as ours could never belong in that world.

However, there is a solution: we can break our pattern. If each one of us strived to do as much good as we can in our lives, be kind to one another, and stand against violence, we could make this world just a little bit better. The more people who do this, the more good will come to the world. Peace and love may sound like a hippy mantra, but I trully believe more could be done when we act that way. If we could stop wars, no more families will be added to the already too large group of mourners. If we just change our ways, perhaps life here would be better.

I don’t deny the greatness of scientific progress and admit that I am also curious to find out all I can about nature’s secrets, but I want to propose this: let’s not ignore the predictability of the humankind. Patterns can be changed, and that is what we have to do here. It’s hard, I have no doubt about that, but I don’t believe it’s impossible. We know the pattern, let’s break it. Let’s make a different pattern, a pattern that is made of the good of the human essence.  Let’s be unpredictable.

As a last request, if you read this, please take a moment of silence for the fallen. You don’t have to agree with any political view to do this. Be unbiased, and think of the young and old who fought and fell, think kf the grieving families left behind, and pray. After all, we are all human beings. In the end, I believe we are all one family.

To the fallen-יהי זכרם ברוך-may they rest in peace.


The Begining

I’m not a particularly good daughter. I’m not that great of a friend, and I’m probably not the sister my brother wishes he had, but my other brother seems to love me anyways.

My mother says I don’t notice the good things about myself. I’m only human, right? Everyone has faults and I guess that’s just mine.

I’ll be frank with you. Lillian Zach is not my real name, it’s a pen name I use when I write, and everything I write will be under that name for a long time. I am a high school senior. I love writing, mostly stories, but I dabble in some fan fiction writing as well. I love dogs and horses, but my parents won’t let me have a pet dog.I love reading, writing, hiking, photography, dance, and listening to music. I have two younger brothers, and I live with my happily married parents. I live in a small village… not in the U.S., but that’s not terribly important. I’ll probably tell you about that later.

I’m not sure why I decided to write this blog. I already have two others which I wasn’t very active on. But I guess the urge to put my things out there, say the words and let someone hear them is not something that goes away easily. I want to believe that someday I may write something that someone will read and it will help them. Maybe make them feel better. Make them laugh after a bad day. Let them know they’re not alone and there is someone out there who knows how they’re feeling, or what they’re going through. That if they need, there is someone out there they can talk to.

It may sound naive, but I always was an overly ambitious person. I know I’m young, but I always was too old for my age, and I have experienced things some people don’t imagine. I’m different, I’m quirky, and I have a story to tell.

So, with your permission, let the story begin.